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This year’s Expo is more relevant than ever, and more important! Scott Zucker, attorney to the national SSA, will go through all the changes made to the Louisiana Self Storage Facilities Act, making sure you understand how the changes have simplified the lien sale process, and ensure you are in compliance. This is a seminar you can’t afford to miss! It is that important!

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Tenants who haven’t moved out of flooded units

The Association has received numerous calls from members whose facilities have been impacted by the flooding asking how to get tenants to move out of the flooded units for cleanup purposes.   One of our Association Directors spoke with Scott Zucker, an attorney associated with the national SSA, about the current flood situation.  Scott suggested that you get your Liability Coverage company involved in what you do AFTER the flood waters go down.  For units that have flood damage and tenants are not responding to your efforts to contact them requesting that they empty their unit (when safe to do so) or sign abandonment documents, the facility is faced with having to cut locks and discard flood damaged items for the protection of the facility.  Scott stated that ‘wet’ units are not like fire damaged units, in that water damaged units can be repaired. The disposal of ‘wet’ items without the tenants approval could open the door for a liability situation, so you want your insurance provider involved in the decision process from the beginning.  You also want your insurance provider to be part of the decision to enter the unit to inspect for potential mold or corrosion issues, which are a real concern for owners and the insurance provider.  Always take pictures, have documentation and get your insurance providers involved early.

Also remember that it is NOT your place to tell your tenants that their “Tenant Insurance “ does not cover flooding.  Let their insurance provider speak for themselves. If you have any questions please contact Wanda Cox at or (225) 774-2117.

Our prayers are with you and all the families that have been impacted by this unprecedented flooding event,


Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people of the Baton Rouge area effected by the flooding. Many SSALA storage facilities and members, including President Lana Griffin, have been flooded out of their homes and businesses in this unprecedented flood.57b0ff04e4a72.image983321b6-c3ca-4571-904c-76734cb66854_800At a time like this, we can no longer look at the facility down the street as our competition, instead, we must look at them as our neighbors and fellow man. If you can safely help facilities that have experienced flooding, please do so. Do not go into areas with flooded streets and add to the chaos. Call the facility down the street and see if there is anything you can do to help. We will make it through this together! The link below is to a guide ( not legal advice) that may help facilities deal with their tenants who have been flooded.

Baton Rouge Flood recovery

Senate Resolution 179

At the close of the regular legislative sessions, Senator Barrow, (D) Baton Rouge, filed a Senate Resolution to have many aspects of our industry studied for a report to be provided Senate members prior to the start of the 2017 legislative session. See the full resolution here: SR 179 Senator Barrow of Baton Rouge. The SSALA is monitoring the progress of this resolution, and will report to members our findings.

The Updated SSALA Lease is now available!

Scott Zucker, the attorney for the national Self Storage Association, has completed the update to the SSALA lease that incorporates the lien sale law revisions signed into law earlier this year. This lease can be your best protection against lawsuits, making it one of the best investments your company can make this year. If you have the previous version of the SSALA lease, there is a nominal fee to send the revisions.

SUCCESS!! Both SSALA Sponsored bills, HB798 and SB 128, have passed and are going to Governor Edwards

HB 798, which allows for limited lines licensing for facilities to sell tenant insurance, cleared it’s final hurdle in the Senate today and was passed unanimously!. It, along with SB 128, that update the Self Service Storage Facilities Act, will go to the capital for Governor Edwards’ signature and become official. We extend many, many thanks to all our SSALA Board members who worked diligently with our lobbyist and the legislators to get this pushed through the legislative body in one session. WE DID IT!!!!

we did it

SB 128 Revisions and Updates to the Self-Service Storage Facilities Act

SB 128 is on it’s way to the Governor’s office for his signature to become law. The link below is a .pdf copy of the statutes. We encourage all self storage facilities in Louisiana to become familiar with the new changes. The SSALA will keep everyone up to date as to when it officially becomes the law will we operate under. Here are the key provisions:

  • Statute changes delivery method of lien sale letter from certified mail to verified mail (ask for a certificate of mailing at the Post Office)
  • Facilities will no longer have to include a copy of lease or the brief and general description of unit contents with the lien sale letter.
  • Clarifies when the lien sale ad is to be ran in the local newspaper of general circulation.
  • Vehicles 60 days or more past due will now be able to be towed off property by a licensed tow operator rather than have to go through the complicated lien sale process for selling the vehicle.
  • Online auctions sites are now officially recognized as a viable means to conduct an auction.
  • The statute now codifies a late fee structure that prevents lawsuits against a facility’s late fee charges if that facility uses the structure the statute now provides.
  • The statute addresses tenant property valuation limits to the max limiti specified in the facility’s lease.

SB 128 Self-Service Storage Facilites Act Updated

Breaking News: Legislative Update

Senate Bill 128, the update and modernization of the Louisiana Self-Service Storage Facilities Act, has cleared both the Senate and the House and is on it’s way to be signed by Governor Edwards to become law. Thank you to all the SSALA members for your support of these legislative efforts.  A special thanks to Lonnie Bickford for working closely with our lobbyists, and to Lana Griffin (Baker, LA), Lonnie (Baton Rouge), Jim Ponti (Metairie) and Shaun Ferguson (Shreveport) for coming to the State Capitol to testify in the committee meetings. We will have Scott Zucker, attorney for the national SSA, present and explain the changes at the Fall Expo, October 19th, in Baton Rouge. This will make it a very important Expo to attend!

Click this link to read SB 128 and understand the changes made.