Senate Bill 101

by M. Abraham

This bill (SB-101) modernizes the self storage auction laws allowing the storage owner to chose to advertise on an online auction site rather than being mandated to pay for costly advertisements in a newspaper.


*May 10th - 9am CT

SB101 is scheduled for

House Commerce Committee Meeting on TOMORROW!!


SB101 passed the Senate last week with amendments. Check out the latest version here.

These newly added amendments will actually provide for even MORE notifications that our tenants will receive prior to a sale. It is important that we communicate that to the House Representatives.

SB101 simply removes the mandate requiring us to use newspapers to advertise our public auctions and allows us to choose the most effective means of advertising our auctions.

In 2016 we updated our lien laws to include additional means of contacting our tenants prior to a sale. The current advertising mandates create a financial burden on business owners that do not benefit the tenant.

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CALL AND EMAIL Representatives that are in the districts of your home AND your storage property! 

A list of House Commerce Committee Members and their contact information can be found here. You can also look up Representatives by address here.

How do you contact? 

Phone calls are important because ringing phones get attention but don't forget about emails! We need to be in their inboxes as well!

What is the latest status of SB101?

Louisiana State Legislature

If you have any questions regarding this process please reach out:

SSALA President and LA Operator, Lonnie Bickford

email  phone 225-931-3624

SSALA Board Member and LA Operator, Lana Griffin


phone 225-279-0816

SSALA Director, Melissa Huff


phone 423-443-8249

You are encouraged to CALL AND EMAIL Representatives that are in the districts of your home AND your storage property!

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