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SUCCESS!! Both SSALA Sponsored bills, HB798 and SB 128, have passed and are going to Governor Edwards

HB 798, which allows for limited lines licensing for facilities to sell tenant insurance, cleared it’s final hurdle in the Senate today and was passed unanimously!. It, along with SB 128, that update the Self Service Storage Facilities Act, will go to the capital for Governor Edwards’ signature and become official. We extend many, manyRead More

SB 128 Revisions and Updates to the Self-Service Storage Facilities Act

SB 128 is on it’s way to the Governor’s office for his signature to become law. The link below is a .pdf copy of the statutes. We encourage all self storage facilities in Louisiana to become familiar with the new changes. The SSALA will keep everyone up to date as to when it officially becomesRead More

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